Transcend is your Space Mission partner


End-to-end Satellite design, incorporating payload design for Communications,

IoT, Remote Sensing industries and Earth Observation

Transcend Satellite Technology LLP


Conceptual design, Mission Design, System Design and
development, Manufacturing, integration and testing,
through to launch, using a modular approach


Making space achievable for everyone, by providing
cost-effective space solutions for both commercial and
non-commercial players

About our CEO


Pramitha Ramaprakash is a career-long electronic systems design engineer with a passion for space technology. She set up Transcend Satellite Technology LLP in 2019.

During her 12-year stint as a System Design Engineer at Wipro Technologies, she worked on FPGA and Intel processor-based boards across verticals. She has the distinction of co-authoring a patent idea on System and Method to capture RAID Controller Firmware information and debug logs , which was recognised by Dell Computers.


1U Student Satellite Kit

Small satellite, big possibilities. The 1U Cubesat Bus is your all-in-one kit for launching your space mission.

This compact and affordable platform provides everything you need: structure, power, antennas, communication, and an on-board computer. By leveraging proven, off-the-shelf components, the 1U Cubesat Bus keeps costs low and reliability high.

Focus on what matters – your payload! Whether you’re a student team, a startup running a demonstration mission, or an organization looking for reliable communication in orbit, the 1U Cubesat Bus is the perfect launchpad for your space ambitions.

Business Model

Satellite Hardware as a Service

Satellite Hardware as a Service

Satellite Data analysis – Downstream applications

Satellite Hardware as a Service

Satellite Payload Hardware Enabled Service

Satellite Hardware as a Service

Software as a Service (SaaS)

Satellite Hardware as a Service

Transcend – Verticals

Payload Development

  1. Remote Sensin
  2. Earth Observation
  3. SDR & Communication Payloads

Satellite Platform

  1. 1U to 27U
  2. In house development

Space Education

  1. CubeSat Kit
  2. Training