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Transend Satellite Technologies is a single platform for all your satellite needs.

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System Design

  • 1U, 2U, 3U, up to 27U
  • CubeSat Design
  • OBC and System Design
  • Integration and Testing

Payload Design

  • Remote Sensing
  • Communication
  • IoT Payloads

Mission Design

  • Payload Design
  • Orbit determination
  • Analysis
  • Simulation

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ADCS Design

  • 3-axis stabilization
  • ACDS Design
  • GNC Design

Launch Support

  • Collaborate with ISRO and other global launch partners

Post Launch Support

  • Satellite communication
  • Software & hardware
  • IoT Support

Our extensive knowledge base

Transcend Satellite Technologies handles end to end satellite design and development work. We develop focused strategies to help you meet your business needs. We cover designing, testing, integration & manufacturing facilities needed every step of the way.

  • Cost effective solutions for commercial and non commercial players
  • Scalable satellite design and development solutions
  • Flexible building scopes after or before production
  • Work with your own customized designs
  • Enable enterprise-grade communications¬†
  • Connect IoT & Remote sensors relevant to industries

Commercial solutions provided

We at Transcend Satellite Technologies keep up with customer expectations and ensure our solutions stay optimized. We help set up testing equipment and analyze insights to support how you can make the right decisions.

  • CubeSat OBC design
  • ADCS Design for CubeSat to achieve 3-axis Stabilization
  • Design of Communication Payload
  • Technical Consultancy in Satellite
  • System Design

Future scope

We are building and enhancing our capabilities at Transcend Satellite Technologies to ensure that you have a smooth and pleasant experience with a high-fidelity delivery.
Our team will share more details periodically from the moment you contact us through our application.

  • Space specific software development
  • CubeSat Constellation using IOT and
  • 5 G technology for applications
  • Asset Management
  • Industrial Automation

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