1U Student Satellite Kit

Small satellite, big possibilities. The 1U Student satelite is your all-in-one kit for launching your space mission.

This compact and affordable platform provides everything you need: structure, power, antennas, communication, and an on-board computer. By leveraging proven, off-the-shelf components, the 1U Student Satelite keeps costs low and reliability high.

Focus on what matters – your payload! Whether you’re a student team, a startup running a demonstration mission, or an organization looking for reliable communication in orbit, the 1U Student Satelite is the perfect launchpad for your space ambitions.

Transcend 1U CubeSat Kit

Small but mighty, the 1U CubeSat Bus packs essential space craft functions into a tiny package. This off the shelf solution simplifies your project by providing everything you need – power, structure, antennas, communication, and even an onboard computer. Focus your energy on developing and operating your unique payload, while the 1U takes care of the rest. Affordable, reliable, and perfect for academic missions, demonstrations, and even radio communication projects, the 1U CubeSat is your launchpad to space.





AAReST Mission

Customer: University of Surrey

Design of Payload Interface Computer for MirrorSat of the AAREST Mission, as part of MSc Dissertation.


Customer : ITCA

Launched:28th Feb 2021
First, 3U Student Satellite launched under 75 Student Satellite Mission initiative


Customer : Janyu Technologies

PDR: High Throughput Satellite to provide 5G internet connectivity
over the Indian Subcontinent. 350kg satellite using regenerative
communication payload, phased array antenna

EO Payload

Customer: Satsure Analytics

Enabling hyperspectral imaging payload for Earth Observation satellite from concept to design stage

12U Satellite Project

Customer : MCTE Defence University

Complete design proposal for communication payload based

Space Education

Customer: Schools andUniversities

Development of 1U student satellite kit for providing hands-on training on CubeSat.

Projects in Progress

Customer: TranscendIn-house

  • Software Defined Radio for UHF/VHF and S-band
  • ADCS design for 3U and 12U CubeSat
  • RTOS-based generic Software platform for CubeSat
  • Ground Station Application software

Satelite as Services 

Mission Design

  •  Orbit Determination
  • Orbital Simulations and Analysis

Satellite System Design

  • For 1U, 2U, 3U, 6U, 12U and 27U Class of Satellites
  • Satellite Structure development and analysis
  • Satellite Hardware development including EPS, OBC, ADCS and Communicationunits
  •  Assembly Integration and Testing
  •  Developing Satellite Flight Model

Software Satellite Platform

  • Flight Software development based on RTOS software platform
  • Payload Software development and integration
  • ADCS software development

Ground Station Software

  • UHF/VHF Frequencies

Core Capabilities

Mission Design


  1. Payload Design
  2. Orbit determination
  3. Analysis & Simulation

Payload Design


  1. Remote Sensing
  2. Communication
  3. IoT Payloads

System Design


  1. Small Satellite Design
  2. OBC and System Design
  3. Integration and Testing

ADCS Design


  1. Small Satellite Design
  2. OBC and System Design
  3. Integration and Testing

Launch Support


  1. LaunchSupport
  2. Ground StationSet-up