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Transcend Satellite Technology LLP is a Space Tech Start-up Company, founded in 2019. Transcend provides End-to-End satellite design solutions for cube-sat and small satellites, including Payload design for communication, earth observation, remote sensing and IoT domains.

Transcend believes in making Space achievable for everyone by providing cost effective space solutions for commercial customers and Universities. Transcend is working with several Space education companies with the aim of outreach of space technologies to students.

What we do?

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‘Mission Design’ to ‘Launch’ satellite solutions involves Concept design, defining mission requirements, Mission design with Orbit simulations, System design and development, manufacturing and fabrication assistance, Assembly Integration and Testing(AIT) assistance, through to Launch, using Modular approach.

Transcend provides Technical Consultancy and Project Management services for other Space Start-ups for Payload development and Satellite development.


Provide end-to-end, ‘Mission Concept’ to post ‘Launch’, solutions.


  • To make Space achievable for everyone.
  • Provide cost effective solutions for commercial and non commercial purposes.

Some cool facts

Transcend is working on in-house product development projects including
● Communication payload based on SDR and IOT technologies.
● Development of ADCS solutions for 6U, 12U and 27U class of satellites.
● Patentable ground station software for UHF/VHF spectral band.

Upcoming Missions
Collective Experience
Major Collaborations

Core Capabilities

  • Mission Design
  • Payload Design
  • System Design
  • ADCS Design
  • Launch Support
  • Post Launch


  • ISRO
  • URSC
  • IN-SPACe
  • NSIL
  • IIST
  • ITCA
  • Planet Aerospace
  • ISPA
  • Precious Payload
  • Skyroot Aerospace

We create customized solution

At Transcend, we build technology demonstration payloads, satellite platforms and satellite integration solutions. Research on newer technologies forms the strong foundation of the company. Company’s Mission is to Make Space achievable for everyone.

About CEO

Pramitha Ramaprakash, is a career long electronic systems design engineer with a passion for space technology She set up Transcend Satellite Technology LLP in 2019.

During her 12 year stint as a System Design Engineer at Wipro Technologies she worked on FPGA and Intel processor based boards across verticals She has the distinction of co authoring a patent idea on "System and Method to capture RAID Controller Firmware information and debug logs”, which was recognized by Dell Computers.

In the UK, she worked with leading technology companies British Aerospace (BAE Systems) and Concurrent Technologies. During her Masters in Space Engineering in University of Surrey, her team was awarded the first prize for designing a Moon Rover model in the prestigious UKSEDS competition.

For the final dissertation project, she designed the Payload Interface Computer II of AAReST satellite (scheduled for launch in 2020 a collaborative mission between Caltech University US, UK and India.

Pramitha is part of ITCA’s 75 Student Satellite Mission and played crucial role in launching UnitySat on Feb 2021.

Pramitha holds a B.E degree in Electronics Communications and a Masters degree in Space Engineering from the University of Surrey Project Management for Scientists and Engineers, 2015 University of Oxford, United Kingdom.


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